Singapore Hypermarkets Guide

Western shoppers may not be familiar with the term “hypermarkets” but to the shoppers of Singapore, hypermarket means grocery shopping combined with department stores.  Hypermarkets are actually a daily part of American life, but under the name Wall-Mart Superstores.  The top hypermarkets of Singapore include Carrefour, Giant, Cold Storage, FairPrice and Jason’s, The Gourmet Grocer.  There are dozens of hypermarkets in Singapore and they are very reliable when you are shopping for food and other household necessities.  Foreign visitors may also find they are a great place to purchase those inexpensive, last minute souvenirs.

Cold Storage, the “Fresh Food People”, is a member of the Dairy Farm Group (DFG), with nearly 40 locations throughout Singapore.  The HollandVillage outlet offers 24-hour service.  Cold Storage makes a point of carrying a wide variety of meat, produce, biscuits, noodles, sauces and other essentials.  Most outlets are open 9am to 10 pm and they are very conveniently located.

Jason’s, the Gourmet Grocer is a high-end “marketplace” extension of Cold Storage, offering expatriates and gourmands the specialty ingredients and quality products required by the health conscious, chefs and those who follow religious or medical food guidelines.  This is where you go to find the details that make the biggest difference: specialty sauces, organic produce and hard to find spices.  Jason’s stocks unique ingredients such as kosher biscuits and butter, Italian caputo flour and they offer an extensive wine selection.

Giant Hypermarket, a subsidiary of the Dairy Farm International Holdings (DFI), has six Singapore locations: Jurong, VivoCity, Tampines, IMMBuilding, TurfCity, Parkway Parade and Pioneer Mall.  Much of Giant’s success has been attributed to its dedication to clean, well-organized stores, highly trained and courteous staff and an ever-expanding product line.

NTUC FairPrice is a slightly less expensive version of Cold Storage and the largest hypermarket chain in Singapore with 100 free-standing outlets and mall locations.  Their agreement with ExxonMobil expanded their service offerings significantly with 24-hour convenience stores which helped to make FairPrice a household name in Singapore.  FairPrice serves a wide customer base by offering culturally diverse foods, including aisles dedicated to Jewish, Thai, Peranakan, Australian, American, Korean and Japanese foods.

Carrefour, the French hypermarket, was Singapore’s first of its kind and is the largest in the world, second only to Wal-Mart.  With locations at SuntecCity and Plaza Singapura, shoppers are offered plenty of sales and services as they shop for French ingredients and ready-to-eat items: Bouillabaisse, William Pear jam, Montelimar nougat, fois gras and caviar, as well as everything you need for your daily home, health and beauty needs.

Far more efficient than traditional butcher shops, bakeries and produce stands, which required shoppers to travel from place to place, hypermarkets and superstores offer an extensive variety of food and non-food products, under name brands and house brands.  Hypermarkets are generally clean and well-organized and they offer their selections at reasonable prices with the convenience of one-stop shopping.

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