Flower Delivery Singapore – 10 Best Flower Shops in Singapore

Orchid, Singapore National Flower
Orchid, the National Flower of Singapore

In this article of flower delivery Singapore we are reviewing 10 best shops in Singapore for flower delivery. We will also discuss various flower types that you can give as a gift based on occasion.

Flowers are one of the most traditional, classic and thoughtful gifts you can give to someone. There is pretty much no one who does not like them and won’t feel special upon receiving them and there is very good reason behind it all. As it turns out, gifting flowers is being done since ancient times.

Giving Flower is an Old Tradition

Archeologists have recently discovered remainders of flowers in artifacts from old civilizations. So by offering flowers to someone you are not only showing your respect and admiration, but also following a beautiful ancient tradition.

To get a better sense of how elegant and important this token is, think about the elaborate rituals and traditions of Ancient Greece. The Gods were incredibly respected and loved there and to show that appreciation, people used to present them with flowers, through dignified rituals in their places of worship. The fact that a culture with such an important meaning for the world’s history has used flowers as a token of their devotion, tells you a lot about the strong effect these plants have.

In Victorian times, on the other hand, when everything, even the smallest gesture had meaning, flowers carried a certain sense as well. Not only the kind, but also their color and the way they were arranged could mean completely different things. This tradition has lasted through modern times. Even though today fewer people have much knowledge about the subtle meaning of flowers, giving someone an arrangement that is not only beautiful but also has a deeper significance increases the value of the message you would like to convey.

Understanding Symbolic Meaning of Flowers

There are literally thousands of flower species out there and they all have a specific meaning that is sometimes derived either from the visual associations you make upon seeing them or from the context they were used in throughout time. Even though there are so many kinds of flowers, naturally a few are most popular and here we will touch upon their meaning.

Gardenias, Daisy, Azeleas, Irises, Magnolias, Chrysanthemums

When choosing Azaleas, you should know that they symbolize daintiness and delicacy, so you are showing that person that you see them as very stylish, refined and worthy.

Chrysanthemums, on the other hand, are perfect for friends, as they say “You are a wonderful friend” and represent cheerfulness and happiness.

Daisies represent pure, innocent love and a promise of loyalty.

If there is someone you are secretly in love with, you could give them Gardenias, as that is their message.

Irises symbolize faith in the relationship, as well as wisdom and valor.

If the person you will be giving flowers to is superior in position, or is someone you respect greatly, Magnolias are a good choice, as they symbolize nobility.

As beautiful as Poppies are, they are not a usual choice for flower arrangements and perhaps their meaning has something to do with it – eternal sleep, oblivion and imagination.

Roses are a very popular choice, but not all of them are always appropriate. For instance, the classical red rose symbolizes great love and passion, the white one says “innocence and purity”, while a yellow rose is usually understood as jealousy and decrease of love.

The gorgeous spring Tulips mean trust, a perfect and strong relationship, while the violets are symbolic for modesty and lasting affection.

Zinnias, no matter the color, are most appropriate when what you want to say is that you are thinking of an absent friend of loved one.

The Art of Flower Arrangement

Flower Delivery SingaporeApart from flower species having various meanings, flower arrangements can also vary in propriety, depending on the occasion you would like to celebrate. If you want to congratulate someone, the best option is a bright, cheerful bouquet with a bit of green. True friendship will be benefited by an arrangement of very delicate and scented flowers, preferably in the blue range. When you want to tell somebody you have been missing them, go with a bouquet of orange and green garden flowers. If you are choosing an arrangement to congratulate new parents, go with something classic – in the pink or blue range, however, let your florist know that you want something very bright and with an irregular, interesting shape.

Choosing Flowers for Business Partner

If you are choosing flowers for a business partner, the best choice would be something elegant, with clean lines, with white and darker colors such as deep purple. Last but not least, the classical reason for gifting flowers – showing your feelings of love and affection. If the arrangement is meant for a family member, choose delicate spring flowers, with pink and white as popular choices. If the recipient if a life partner, you can never go wrong with a large bouquet of red roses or tulips.

Orchid flower arrangement

Singapore has an abundance of flower delivery option, but you might often find yourself wondering what the best ones are and ponder where the florists will really help you choose the right bouquet for your recipient and the specific occasion.

Flower Delivery Singapore – Best 10 Florist Shops

We have selected a list of flower delivery Singapore services that will help you pick the perfect arrangement no matter what your tastes.

A Better Florist Logo

A Better Florist is fresh, beautiful flowers delivered anywhere in Singapore, in just an hour or two. A Singaporean-owned local business, A Better Florist can do it all from beautiful bouquets and arrangements to hampers and gifts. The perfect florist for any consumer or business-related need. Use code ‘abetterwelcome’ for $5 off with free fast delivery anywhere in Singapore.

Click here to visit website


You can find them in two places within the city – their main outlet is on 161 Lavender Street and their new branch is on 10 Anson Road. As the name suggests, they deliver flower within 24 hours of your order in Singapore, and if you make your purchase by 8 PM on weekdays, they can deliver it that same day. Something interesting about them is that they offer “character bouquets” if you are into that sort of thing. There are little dogs, “angry birds” characters, etc.

For 24 hours flower delivery in Singapore, this could be the best option.

Click here to visit website

Florasingapore-logoFlora Singapore only have an online shop. In addition to offering not only flowers, but also chocolates and gifts, you can choose from categories such as “for him” and “gourmet gifts”. They also use the so called “3-Way-Test”, which means that they 1. Check if they’ve answered your every question 2. Check if the flowers are fresh and high quality and 3. Try to make a delivery as close to your order as possible.

Click here to visit websitewonderful frola logo

Wonderful Flora is located on 1001 Jalan Bukit Merah. Perhaps the best thing about this flower delivery company is that they have a lot of options to choose from. You can pick the specific flowers you want, like roses or lilies and the occasion – birthdays, new home, new baby etc. In addition, they have some really great options – choosing flowers for special days – Hari Raya, Teacher’s day, Valentine’s Day, etc. and choosing a bouquet within your budget.

For occasion based flower delivery Singapore, you can try their service.

prince logo

Unfortunately they only have an online shop that you can either contact by e-mail, phone or fax. They have even more option to choose from, than the stores mentioned above. Here, you can pick between about 30 plant species and choose from many categories such as corsages, cocktail etc. Besides, they have a lot of interesting categories, such as “apology” and “best seller arrangements”.

For ideas about flower delivery Singapore, you can explore them.

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Singapore flower store

Even though they only have a website, rather than any physical shops, they offer a wide variety of very interesting options, besides the same day delivery.  You can not only choose from a wide variety of arrangements, but also design your own bouquet or fruit basket. In addition, they can deliver a singing telegram along with flower delivery. Some other great options are confirmations, reminders and sending flowers to someone only knowing their e-mail.

Perhaps the most touching option they offer is taking a picture of your recipient upon receiving the flowers and then sending it to you – this way you can feel like you were really there.

You can explore them for personalised flower delivery in Singapore.

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Premium Orchids is located on 11 Woodlands. As you might have guessed by the name – this is a great place for orchids and they also offer international. Their website has a very clean and polished look and does not overwhelm with categories – it only has events, special occasions, gift hampers, hand bouquet, flower arrangements and a lookbook category where you can see their best pieces. They offer a wide variety of both orchids and other flowers.

You can explore them if you are planning to deliver orchid flower to someone in Singapore.

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Toh Garden is located on 11 Lorong Pasu. This place is for true traditionalists, who choose classic and refined gifts. Toh Garden is one of Singapore’s best and most reputable orchid growers and if that is your gift of choice you will certainly find what you are looking for as they have an amazing variety. What is really impressive is that they are handling the National Orchid Garden.

Unlike most places where you can simply buy an orchid, here you will also receive a lot of useful information about its origins and taking proper care of it.

Toh Garden is recommended if you want to deliver orchard flower in Singapore.

fareastflora-logoUnusually enough, they are a large florist chain in Singapore with many locations – Thomson Road, Bedok South Road, Upper Paya Lebar Road, Yuan Ching Road and  Queensway. The best thing about this flower delivery service is that they have a lot of options, including very affordable ones. Apart from an online catalogue, different occasions to choose from and plenty of gift baskets, they also have a special application that you can download on your phone.

Another advantage of this flower shop is that they organize various contests for upcoming special days and holidays, where you can win customized gifts.You can also send flowers to Malaysia and Hong Kong.

You can explore them for flower delivery Singapore as well as to try your luck in a contest.

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valenfleur logoValen Fleur is Located on 100 Tras Street. These florists are something special and that has been proven by them winning a not one, but many awards for best florist in Singapore. They have been around for quite some time – since 1997, and are a truly classic choice for flower delivery in Singapore. Their website has clean, stylish design, with a home page featuring only a few quotes praising their work, as well as pictures of their best bouquets of the week. There are also occasions and types of arrangements you can choose from. Whatever you pick, you get a guarantee of quality and refinement.

For flower delivery Singapore, you can rely on this trusted brand.

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Singeesoon Logo

Sing See Soon is located on 32 Punggol E in Singapore. This is certainly one high-end florist, with clientèle including celebrities and aristocrats. They are a 5-generation business, which means that their traditions are very strong and have developed a truly professional business.  They have over a 100 species of flowers, most of which are imported, so whatever you can imagine, they probably have it.

If you click on their portfolio, you can see their work in prestigious locations such as Marina Bay Sands Resort, Resorts World Sentosa, Capella Hotel Singapore, Intercontinental Hotel, The Goodwood Park Group, St Regis and others.

For elegant and class, you can trust this brand for flower delivery in Singapore.

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FlowerAdvisor Logo

FlowerAdvisor is an international florist that sells lavish assortments of flowers and gifts with speedy delivery to over 100 countries. You can purchase gifts from the Singapore version of their website and have it delivered to practically anywhere in the world within 24 hours. Products include flower bouquets, roses, wine & spirits, hampers & other gifts. You can also shop by occasion, whether it be for a birthday, wedding, Christmas, or just because. has long-lasting exclusive Flower Advisor discount code of 5% off your total order.

No matter where you choose to buy your flowers from, always have the recipient in mind, as well as the message you’d like to send to them. Even the best arrangement might not have the desired effect if it is not in accordance to the person’s unique style and preferences or if it perceived as an inappropriate. Whatever you want to say, flowers are one of the best options possible, as long as they are picked carefully and with love.

If you have any suggestion regarding flower delivery Singapore then please let us know by adding comments below.

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