Corporate Gifts Singapore – 10 Best Gift Ideas

Corporate Gifts Singapore

In the corporate world, just like in any other area of life, relationships are very significant. Having a friendly and pleasant relationship with your co-workers or business partners is something that can make or break the success of your occupational endeavors. Gift giving is one very popular option for establishing a positive relationship, as well as showing respect and appreciation for those you work with. However, in order for the gift to serve that purpose, there are some very important aspects that should be considered.

Some tips to consider while choosing corporate gifts in Singapore

When choosing a corporate gifts in Singapore, especially if you are a foreigner, you should consider the recipient’s background carefully. Singapore is rich with a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds which all have different traditions and etiquette. For instance, if you are planning to give a gift to someone with a Chinese background, you should avoid clocks, handkerchiefs and flowers. Flowers are seen as a tasteless gift as they are customary for funerals in Chinese culture. The pronunciation of the word “clock”, on the other hand, is similar to the one of the word “funeral” and so this unpleasant similarity makes those types of gifts rather inappropriate ones. Also, do not pick objects such as scissors or other cutting utensils as they are symbolic for severing the relationship, which is the exact opposite of a gift’s goal. However, for most Chinese people, letter openers make an exception and are not seen as improper.

If you would like to present a corporate gift in Singapore to one of your partners or co-workers with an Indian heritage, there are also some important points to consider. Given that you have chosen to present that person with flowers, avoid Plumeria (also called Frangepani) due to the fact that in traditional Indian culture those flowers are only meant for funeral rites. In addition, make sure to check if your recipient is Hindu (if they are – avoid products made out of genuine leather) and if they consume alcoholic beverages.

Malay people are another large ethnic group in Singapore. If you are doing business with a Malay and want to gift him or her, stay away from alcohol or products made out of pigskin. The reason is that most Malay people have a Muslim background and this religion does not accept the use of alcoholic beverages or pork products. Another essential detail you should consider is the time and manner in which you present the gift. You should give and accept gifts with either your right hand or both hands and when giving a gift, it is seen as tasteful to do so at the very end of the meeting, rather than the beginning.

10 Best Corporate Gifts Singapore

Considering the above reasons, gift giving, especially in the corporate world, may sometimes prove to be quicksand worthy. In order to help you avoid a lot of confusion, struggle and puzzling misunderstanding when trying to choose the best corporate gift possible, we have compiled the following list of suggestions & ideas that will satisfy the tastes of every business partner or co-worker.

10. Customized Leather Cover Professional Diary

Leather Cover Corporate Gifts Singapore

This gift is elegant, tasteful and has the benefit of variety – it comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes colors and styles. It can be very personalized if you decide to place the person’s name on the cover or, for instance, a famous quote that you know the recipient is fond of, or it can be clean and elegant, if you are not very close to the recipient. It is also a splendid choice if you are trying to pick a gift for a larger group of people – classical and yet very special.

In Singapore you can find such diaries in stores like: Enetiq, LivingCallendars, Printbindaas, House of Planners & Ri Stationers. Leather professional diaries is certainly a best option for corporate gifts Singapore.

9. Name Bar

Personalized Name Bar

Presenting someone with a gift like that shows respect and recognition. It symbolizes your appreciation of what that person does professionally and how good they are at their job. It is also a very personal gift even though you don’t necessarily have to know the presenter well. It is, however, helpful to be aware of their tastes as well as the design of their office, as names bars and desk name plates come in a wide variety of materials and styles. The most delicate and luxurious ones are made out of mahogany and silver or even gold, if you want to be especially lavish. This is a status gift & a decent corporate gifts Singapore idea that will certainly make an impression.

In Singapore you can find such name plates in stores like: Graceland Gifts, The Maker Store & Mbossed.

8. Heritage Shop Gifts

Heritage Shop

If you want to get a bit more personal and know that your recipient is an appreciator of culture, arts and generally, the fine things in life, you could purchase a heritage or vintage gift. With this type of present you will not only acknowledge your business relationship, but will also elicit the beauty of Singaporean culture. However, this type of gift requires a bit more research and time to pick and find the right item. For instance, if your recipient works in media, you could find a beautifully crafted vintage typewriter or if their business has to do with tobacco, you could choose a Malaysia-Singapore Airlines marble ashtray from the late 1960s. With this type of gift your recipient will certainly feel distinguished.

In Singapore you can find such gifts in places like The Heritage Shop and the Peranakan Museum Shop. Heritage style gifts are certainly unique Singapore corporate gifts and will last a good impression on a recipient.

7. Kensington Absolute Power Charger

Kensington Absolute Power Charger

This is an absolutely perfect gift for business partners or coworkers who are also frequent travelers. As many countries have different electricity standards, finding and remembering to bring the correct adapter with you on your trip can turn into a small nightmare. That is why every business traveler will be more than happy to receive this charger as a gift. You can use it to charge up to three items and as the charger has multiple tips, it is compatible with almost all devices. On top of that, it is safe to use pretty much anywhere around the world, without ruing your device’s batteries. If your recipient travels frequently this would probably be the perfect corporate gifts Singapore for them.

The Kensington Absolute Power Charger is available in large electronics stores throughout Singapore.

6. Personalized Stationery

Personalized Stationery

An elegant, delicate and tasteful gift that can be given even to people you don’t know that well. Using a personalized stationery symbolizes a different level of communication – much more sophisticated and personal and for that reason it is a great corporate gift. Depending on the level to which you are acquainted with the recipient, you can make the stationery incredibly personal or rather standard. Either way, it is a timeless gift that many people will be thrilled to receive.

In Singapore you can find personalized stationeries in stores like: Ri Stationers, inTouch Stationary & Paper Market. When it comes to corporate gifts Singapore idea then the personalized stationary is definitely one you should consider.

5. Adesso CyberPad Digital Notepad with Digital Ink Pen

Adesso CyberPad Digital Notepad with Digital Ink Pen

This is an ideal gift for the fast-paced business world. Even though product in the tablet family are increasingly gaining popularity, most people still prefer putting pen to paper when it comes to making quick notes. This Notepad combines both world – digital and paper, to create a wonderful gift for every business person. With this gadget you can combine hand-written notes and digital data and it is also a great way to store information.

You can find the Adesso CyberPad Digital Notepad with Digital Ink Pen in large electronics stores throughout Singapore.

4. Apple iPad

Apple iPad

As many people will have you know, the iPad is the future and that is why it is an excellent corporate gift. Your recipient can use this gift in every aspect of both their professional and personal life which makes it an absolutely excellent gadget. Perhaps the best thing about the iPad is that it will prove to be irreplaceable, no matter what your recipient’s business and so it is suitable for a wide range of people. It is also a very popular item that you simply cannot go wrong with.

For Apple products please visit the Singapore Apple Store.

3. A Gift from Royal Selangor

Royal Selangor Corporate Gifts Singapore

If you are looking for a luxurious and truly splendid gift this is the place to go. Royal Selangor is a store with traditions – it was established in 1885 and has been creating amazing pieces ever since. You can purchase ready-made items or make a customized order but either way you will get a gift that will certainly impress. There is a tremendous variety of products you can choose from, such as gorgeously crafter silver document holders, memo trays, letter openers, pen caddies, cigar cutter and many more.

For elegant yet classical corporate gifts Singapore, Royal Selangor is certainly a best option in Singapore. For more information please click here.

2. Gift from RISIS

Risis Orchid

A trademark Singaporean brand that offers exquisite products. The most popular gifts from Risis are, without a doubt, the 24K gold orchids – a combination of craftsmanship and technology. This gift is very special not only because of its beauty and value, but also because it symbolized Singaporean culture. The gold orchids, as well as other stunning figurines, are crafted into different objects such as card and pen holders, sculptures and frames, all mesmerizing and perfect for a corporate gift. Risis also offers a Zodiac collection and can customize its products to your taste.

For unique corporate gifts Singapore with the touch of Singapore culture and traditions, Risis is certainly the best option. For more information, click here.

1. Golf-Related Gifts

Golf Corporate Gifts Singapore

Undoubtedly, golf is the most popular corporate sport. Many important business meetings and decisions are carried out on the golf course, making golf-related gifts an excellent choice, no matter what nationality or ethnicity your recipient belongs to. In addition, such gifts could be perceived as a very friendly gesture, inviting the recipient to continue your business relationship on the golf course as well. Some excellent gift choices are customized gold putters and irons, as well as the GolfSense Swing Analyzer which helps improve your game.

You can find a wide range of golf-related paraphernalia at Redbox Gifts.

Whatever gift you find most suitable for your corporate relationship try to really keep in mind the recipient, their tastes, hobbies and preferences, as well as their cultural background and lifestyle. That way you are sure to find the best present possible.

Another important aspect to consider is the specific company in which your recipient works as some offices, especially government ones, frown upon gift giving. If you are able to, check with the Human Resources department – ask them about their policy on gifts as well as what is considered inappropriate by the company. Generally speaking, perfumes and clothing are often seen as suggestive and should therefore be avoided. In addition, if you will be giving gifts within the company that you work at you should be vigilant about it. If you present a gift to only one or a few co-workers, the others might take offense or feel neglected which is likely to result in a poor working relationship. The same might happen if you choose a much more lavish and personal gift for one person than for the rest.

If you would like to recommend a gift to be part of 10 best corporate gifts Singapore list then please let us know by adding comments below.

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