Best Places for Budget Shopping in Singapore

Budget Shopping in Singapore

Everyone loves to shop but not everyone has the infinite amount of money to buy everything. Thus, shopping on a budget is the best one can do to find the great things for one’s self and their loved ones. Shopping on a budget in Singapore is an art; as there is a huge range of shopping malls in Singapore & the place itself claimed the status of the most expensive city in the world for the last 2 years. Therefore, you need to find such places in Singapore that helps you to have a shopping experience in a good price.

Budget Shopping in Singapore

Singapore is best known as a shopping hub of Asia and there are plenty of modern shopping malls in Singapore which provides an awesome shopping experience to Shopaholics in Singapore. The new shopping malls in Singapore are also providing more options to the shoppers. There are many places in Singapore that can help you with shopping on a fixed budget and from where you can find things at the cheapest price. Moreover, there are also online shopping options you can explore to buy the right product at a reasonable price. Some of the suggested names are; Muji Singapore, Redmart, Streetdeal Singapore & Althea Korean Products.

Below are the recommended places for budget shopping in Singapore.

1. Scape Shopping Mall

Scape is a shopping mall which is really famous for shopping and providing a fantastic experience at the same time. The best thing about Scape is that you can find very cheap things from this place. You can easily find really cool t- shirts, rings, jewelry and some decorative are unique yet easily affordable.

Address: 2 Orchard Link, #04-01, Singapore 237978
Phone: +65 6521 6565

2. Bugis Street

Bugis Street is known as one of the biggest street markets not only in Singapore, but also in the South-East Asia. If you are a fan of the place that has a dense crowd and many stalls, then you will love it for sure. This place boasts everything you require in the exact budget you want. The shops over here offer trendy clothes, amazing food experience and souvenirs to buy for friends and family.

It is situated in the Bugis area and within walking distance from Bugis MRT. You need only $3 to $15 to find anything for you in this place.

Address: 3 New Bugis Street, #03-01, Singapore 188867
Tel: +65 6338 9513

3. Flea Markets

Well, you might be thinking that flea markets only sell old clothes and the ones in Singapore might not be any different. However, the flea markets in Singapore are really distinct as well. You can find the excellent kind of garments, including jackets, coats and many designer clothing’s at very cheap price. They tend to have a huge stock of the previous season clothes that are trendy and low priced.

4. Lucky Plaza

Lucky plaza is famous and oldest shopping mall in Singapore with hundreds of shops offering all sorts of things. It is known for a perfect shopping spot for the locals, but if you are a tourist, you must go over there as well. You can find really cheap clothes, watches, perfumes, bangles, jewelry, luggage items, electronics and many others in the low price.

You can easily find wonderful things from this place for $ 2 to $10. The fourth level of this plaza is famous for numerous cheap stalls and shops. It lets you have a fine shopping experience as the staff at almost all the shops is really nice with customers too. The place is also recommended for money remittance and some of the best money changer in Singapore are located in Lucky Plaza as well. It is located on the Orchard Road, next to the Tangs departmental store.

Address: 304 Orchard Road, Singapore 238863
Phone: +65 6235 3294
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5. Far East Plaza

This is yet another great place to shop when it comes to budget shopping in Singapore. This plaza has all kinds of sellers and shops in it. You will find everything like shops for clothes, jewelry to spas in this place. It is known for its low prices of merchandise as well. You will come up with all sorts of things you need to buy at this place.

It boasts a great number of shops that tend to provide trendy clothes in minimal price. Low priced items in this plaza is the reason that many students go for shopping here as well. It is located on Scott’s road.

Address: 14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213
Phone: +65 6734 2325
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6. The Anchor Point

If you have been to US & Canada then the concept of outlet mall is not new to you. There is one in Singapore as well by the name of “The Anchor Point”. The best thing about this plaza is that you will find many famous brands such as G2000, Billabong, Charles and Keith over here. You might be thinking about the branded things to be really expensive, but the best thing about this place is that they offer huge sales over here.

You will be able to find 20 to 70 percent sales in every season on different shops. You can easily find great articles of clothing for you and your family if you visit the anchor point. It is located on Alexandra road and you will be surprised to find many great pieces of clothes in the range of $2 to $30.

Address: 370 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159953
Phone:+65 6475 2257
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7. Thieves market Sungei road

A thieves market? Well, yes the name tells you a little about its history as it started off with a place where stolen goods were sold by thieves. However, this market now boasts many really cheap souvenirs and shopping goods that you can purchase for yourself and your family. The range of products available in the market includes old coins, electronics item, used products, gadgets & others. This market is located on Sungei road and can easily let you shop for $ 2 to $10. So that you can stay in your budget.

8. Joo Chiat Complex

This complex is located on Joo Chiat Road. This is yet another great place to have the best budget shopping in town. You can easily find different sorts of things such as head scarfs, pins, jewelry, and all kinds of clothing. You can shop easily from $5 to $10 at this place. The Joo Chiat Complex is a recommended place to look for Malay & Indonesian dresses like batik , sarong etc.

Address: 1 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 420001

9. Mustafa Shopping Centre

The Mustafa Shopping Centre is also a renowned place to have the best budget shopping experience in Singapore. You can find all the essential items like food products, makeup, clothes, perfumes, shoes, jackets and souvenirs as well at this place. The shops in this shopping center boast all kinds of low priced merchandise.

The best thing about Mustufa Shopping Centre is the availability as it is open 24 x 7 for the shoppers. This make this place an ideal place for late night shopping in Singapore. It is also a good place for many Indian & Pakistani food products which are not available elsewhere in Singapore. They also provide currency exchange service and they are one of the best money changer in Singapore as well.

It is situated on Syed Alwi Road in the very famous Little India area in Singapore.

Address: 145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore – 207704
Tel: +65 6295 5855

10. Muji Singapore

This is a Japanese based retail store with around twelve branches all over Singapore. It has numerous products with a diversified product lines which are all developed in-house to ensure the high quality. They cover every product range from kitchen, living, Interior, fashion and decoration. The best thing about Muji is the price as they are quite economical and thus preferred by many shoppers in Singapore. You can also buy Muji products online by clicking here.

Outlet Mall

For more must-buys and shopping ideas, you can head to the Singapore’s biggest outlet shopping center, IMM Outlet Mall is the home of more than 80 international brand outlet stores with monstrous discounts of up to 80 for every penny lasting through the year. The IMM Outlet Mall is a worthy place to make your branded shopping perfect at substantially reduced prices. IMM is located nearby Jurong East MRT station in Jurong East.

These are some of the best and recommended places for budget shopping in Singapore. If you want to share your experience or recommend a place, please do so by adding comments below.

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