Best Wedding Gifts for Bride and Groom in Singapore

Wedding Gift Ideas in Singapore

Weddings are incomplete without gifts because gifts are given as a token of gratitude and best wishes to the newlyweds. Gift giving is a practical way to shower your blessings on the bride and groom. Gift can’t be a payment or compensation for the wedding expenses; therefore, you should have an expression of regard for the new couple.

A handmade gift is valuable because the special moments in your life require special treatment. Select the best wedding gift to wish a very happy married life and good luck in the coming times for the lovely couple.

Wedding Gifts Ideas in Singapore

There are no shortage of shopping malls in Singapore and there are plenty of specialty stores, specialized in wedding gifts. Following are some best wedding gifts ideas for bride and groom in Singapore to let you be the part of unforgettable moments of their life.

Fruits Basket with Cookies and Chocolates

Prepare a basket with fresh fruits, cookies and chocolates to give a wonderful gift and blessings to newly married couple. Consider the preferences of both bride and groom while selecting fruits, cookies and chocolates. Buy fresh fruits and delicious chocolates to prepare a handmade basket for the lovely couple. Use fancy ribbons and laces to decorate the fruit baskets.

Cymbidium Orchids and Red Wine

Cymbidium Orchids and Red wine are decorated in a plastic container with coconut leaves. It will be a great gift for both bride and groom to shower your blessings on them. Red wine bottles are decorated with various types of flowers and ribbons are also available in the market, but you can give a personalized touch to your gifts by preparing it at home. You can order flowers online in Singapore from Flower Advisor Online Shop.

There is no shortage of Orchid flowers in Singapore as it is the national flower of the country. You can get red wine from one of the specialty store or one of the hypermarket in Singapore.

Teddy Bear and Chocolates

Teddy bear and chocolates symbolize love and care; therefore, this will be a great gift for every dear one. It can be a great choice for a newlywed couple because everyone loves to have a teddy bear and chocolates. Buy a stylish teddy and delicious chocolates to prepare a personalized wedding gift specifically for the bride.

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Best Wishes Gift

Greet both bride and groom with customized best wishes gift. It is a traditional way to shower your blessings on them with fruit basket, fresh chocolates and red wine. Decorate your basket with colorful ribbon and place a greeting card. It will be a great addition to writing your wishes and prayers for the cute couple. You can add or subtract any item from the basket according to the preferences of the wedding couple.

Gifts in a Pretty Box

If you want to give a unique gift to the bride and groom, decorate a box and put your favorite items in it. You will get plenty of space to load the box with interesting items, including cheddar popcorn, chocolates, cookies, peanut, cheese and summer sausages and much more. Consider the preferences of both bride and groom before selecting any item to add in the box.

Wedding Pin Jin Dai

It is a traditional gift given to elaborate the marriage proposal. Parents of the both parties exchange their intentions in the form of a letter. It enables two families to bargain for essential items, including the amount of money, makeup, and other items important for a girl.

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Orange Roses and Cake

A black forest cake and bunch of 12 orange roses is an attractive gift for the cute couple. You can bake a forest cake and design a bouquet of 12 orange roses to shower your love and blessings. It will be a personalized and handmade gift to show your special sentiments to the lovely couple. You can order roses online in Singapore from Flower Advisor Online Shop.

Watches for Couples

The best gift for a newlywed couple can be a pair of watch for the two. You can buy a wedding gift or wedding pair of Rolex or Gucci for the two. This can look great for a new couple. The matching watches look elegant yet stylish both at the same time. They also represented as the symbol of love for the couple.

Betrothal Gift

Giving a traditional gift to someone on their wedding is also a great way to show love for them. You can give Betrothal gifts to the bride which include clothes, sweets, candies, fruit candles and perfumes at the time of finalization of the wedding.

Favorites Tower

A festive favorite’s tower is easy to design with an assortment of baked goods. Fill the boxes with baked items or jewelry to design a unique fall tower. It is easy to bake cookies, cupcakes and cream taffy at your house. A personalized gift will be perfect for chocolate lovers.

Moreover, you can gift lovely necklace, rings, heart shape items, T-shirts, flower and many other items. It will be good to consider the theme of wedding party and preferences of both bride and groom to select a perfect wedding gift. If you want to share a wedding gift idea in Singapore then do so by adding comments below.

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