Best Places to Buy Budget Souvenirs in Singapore

Your visit to Singapore is incomplete without shopping, because the country is famous for the most vibrant shopping hub in Asia. The country always becomes the first preference of tourists, not for its attractive destinations, but to shop latest fashion items as well. While there are plenty of souvenirs & gifts to buy in Singapore, we will highlight places to buy budget souvenirs in Singapore here.

Budget Souvenirs in Singapore

There are lots of shopping places in Singapore offering budget souvenirs, where people can buy even with a tight budget. Here are some of the best & recommended places.


Chinatown budget souvenirs in Singapore
Chinatown is a home for bargain shopping & budget souvenirs

Chinatown is an excellent place for people who want to have a great shopping experience in a small budget. It is located in Chinatown, Singapore. You will be able to find many Chinese and Singaporean decorative ornaments over here. This market is also a great seller of cheap souvenirs that look great. Many shopkeepers offer low priced merchandise. You will find several get one buy one free shops in Chinatown as well. You can easily shop between $1 to $10 at this place.

Budget Souvenirs available in Chinatown: You will be able to find candles, traditional tea, herbs, many decorative plates, masks and Chinese handicrafts in this place.

Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza Singapore, home of Filipino gifts & souvenirs
Lucky Plaza is home of Filipino gifts & souvenirs (Image Credit: Zervas)

One of the happening shopping malls located on the 304 Orchard Road, Singapore. Lucky Plaza is the best place for the shoppers who are expert in bargaining. Although, it is a simple shopping mall, but still its strategic location makes it a great place for shoppers. There are various transmittal places and micro businesses running by Filipinos and expats in the Singapore. Therefore, the mall is also known as “Little Manila”.

Tourists prefer to visit this place, and the locals prefer to shop cheap and genuine perfumes available in various stores in the plaza. Various fashion stores are located at 3rd level, where you can find cheap clothes and shoes. You can enjoy delicious authentic Malaysian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Filipino food at cheap rates.

Budget Souvenirs available in Lucky Plaza: Perfumes, Cosmetics, Chocolate, T-shirts, Sunglasses, mobile accessories, travel bags & Filipino products.

Peninsula Plaza

Peninsula Plaza Singapore
Peninsula Plaza Singapore (Image Credit: Melvin Yap)

Peninsula Plaza is a very famous shopping mall in Singapore and attracts tourist who wants to buy budge souvenirs & gifts. This is the reason that the shops at this place offer a great souvenir collection for tourists too. It is located on the North Bridge road in Singapore. You will be able to find many things under $8 at this plaza for your friends and family. The shop keepers are really nice and there is a scope for bargaining as well. So if you see that the prices are not fixed at some stores, then you can easily bargain for the price of your choice.

Budget Souvenirs Available at Peninsula Plaza: you will be able to find souvenirs like chains, bracelets, pens, postcards, magnets for fridge, towers and bags.

Mustafa Shopping Center

Mustafa Shopping Center Singapore
You can find all type of budget souvenirs in Mustafa Shopping Center. (Image Credit: Factoids)

Mustafa Shopping Center is an amazing shopping center located in the heart of Little India, 145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore. What makes the Mustafa Shopping Center different then other shopping places in Singapore is that, it is open for visitors for 24 hours in a day; therefore, you can conveniently come to shop after midnight as well.

Being the most crowded shopping place in Singapore, the Mustafa Shopping Center does not allow any bargaining because the price of every product is fixed. Visit the center during the weekend to experience the real excitement of shopping surrounded by the crowds. The Shopping Center is a targeted place for the budget shoppers as well; no one can come back empty handed. It will be an amazing experience to buy perfumes, beauty products, toilet seats, fabrics, old school watches, bags, and much more at budgeted rates.

Budget Souvenirs available at Mustafa Center: You can buy key chains, lighters, picture frames, chocolate and sweet, Eagle brand medicated oil, ointment, fridge magnets, miniature Merlion figurines, coins, note, etc.

Bugis Street

Budget Souvenirs in Bugis Street Singapore
Bugis Street Singapore features 800 shops & offer budget souvenirs & gifts

Bugis Street is the largest shopping street located opposite to the Bugis Junction, 3 New Bugis Street, Singapore. The street is famous for the shopping for food, clothes and other accessories. There are more than 800 shops for both tourists and locals. Some beauty services are also available, including nails spa and beauty salons.

The street is divided into various sections and there are a number of shops and stalls selling budget items which are a great buy for budget souvenirs & gifts. For your convenience, it will be good to carry a light bag and wear comfortable shoes. It will be fun to steer the whole street because you can buy extremely cheap shirts, clothes, and other accessories.

There are two shopping malls having every international brand; you can buy imported cosmetics, clothes, and other important items. The lane of $10 is a highlighted part of the street, but the vendors are not kind enough, and you will not be allowed to investigate the products before purchasing them. You may carry cash to pay small bills, but some vendors also accept credit cards.

Budget Souvenirs available on Bugis Street: Fashion T-shirts, bags, shoes, belts, watches, hats and other accessories. You can also buy mobile cases, picture frames, stamps, keychains, lighters, and chocolates. Bargaining is not allowed; still there are some stores where you can bargain for selected items.

Joo Chiat Complex

Joo Chiat Complex Malay traditional dresses
Visit Joo Chiat Complex for traditional Malay budget souvenirs

If you are looking to buy Malay style budget souvenirs in Singapore then Joo Chiat Complex is a place to go. You can find handful collection of traditional Malay dresses for both men & women (Baju Kurung for women & Baju Melayus for men), handcrafted items, traditional jewellery, traditional herbs & various other items which are great for gifts & souvenirs.

You can also find Paranakan souvenirs in the Joo Chiat Complex including the unique Peranakan costume known as Kebayas. There is also a good collection of Hijabs, scarfs, brooches, pins and other items. There are various shops and stalls in the Joo Chiat Complex, which you can browse. During the Muslim’s festival, Hari Raya, there are special promotions & bargain prices for most of the items.

Budget Souvenirs available at Joo Chiat Complex: Traditional Malay & Peranakan costumes, handcrafted items, jewellery, traditional herbs, scarf’s etc.

Golden Mile Complex

Golden Mile Complex Shopping Center
Golden Mile Complex is a home of budget Thai food & products

While Lucky Plaza is a “Little Manila” in Singapore then Golden Mile Complex is a “Little Thailand”. You will find gifts & souvenir items in Golden Mile Complex, which comes with the Made in Thailand stamp. So if you want to buy Thai food, costumes, jewellery & other gift items as a souvenir then Golden Mile Complex is a place to visit in Singapore. Apart from budget souvenirs, Golden Mile Complex is also home of a number of travel agencies.

Budget Souvenirs available in Golden Mile Complex: Thai Food, costume & gift items.

This sums up the list of best budget souvenirs in Singapore. You may also want to read must-buy shopping items in Singapore which are unique. If you are looking for a corporate gifts then here is a great article about best corporate gifts in Singapore.

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