Best Event Management Companies in Singapore

Event Management Companies in Singapore

Due to the fact that Singapore is the financial hub of Asia, it has become imperative to have good event management companies in Singapore to maintain its position in the corporate world  and other areas. Either it is a small meeting or a huge exhibition, the event management organizers in Singapore take care of everything thereby saving precious time which can be spent elsewhere for the betterment. The competition in Singapore is so much in place thereby making it really difficult for us which ones to recommend.

Event Management Companies in Singapore

We have compiled a list of the best event management companies in Singapore which have a proven record for you to look at.

Marvele Group

If you had the chance to visit the website of the Marvele Group, they have a very efficient system of online business development to cater their prospective and past clients. Online chat is in place to interact with the visitors who can become their future customers. Also, the mission of this company is putting clients on top of everything. C as CSR, L as learning is some of the new things they have put in place.

Jotun, the law society of Singapore, Philips and Shell are a number of its customers. Corporate dinners, parties, exhibitions, conferences and seminars are the events they usually cover with a state of the art technology to create a memorable moment for its clients. Free quote can be requested through online chat  which far more convenient for the client to decide which company to go for.

Address: 22 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, #02-073, Singapore 573969
Phone: +65 6684 3363 / +65 6684 5633

Essential Werkz

Essential Werkz  which was initially established as a display consultant in 2000’s for the cell phone industry, now  has become one of the top most event management company in Singapore. They organize and manage dance events, media launches, corporate events, road shows and last but not the least product launches. Different rentals can be requested for the events such as charging stand, digital photo booth system, iPad stand and many more which are quite different from other event management organizations.

Their clients are from every sector either telecommunication, government and others. They are the member of SACEOS, ASME  and AFECA. They have even won the successful entrepreneur 2011 Platinum Award making them different to others.

Address: 31 Bukit Batok Crescent, Singapore 658070
Phone: +65 6289 8852

Positive Events

Being founded in 2003 Positive Events has become one of the renowned and reputable company for the event management in Singapore. They have an expertise in arranging customized events such as awards and galas, meeting and conferences, official launches, exhibitions and special events for its clients. They offer 360 productions, do the designing, show and video production in which their  passionate team  works towards creating a very memorable experience for the client by bringing in life to the event.

The clients they have worked with are Changi Airport Group, Sharp, Shell, Hitachi, HP and many more including both public and private sectors. The clients of this company have even given the feedback that the events are faultless and fascinating. The prices can be obtained by asking for the quote as per your requirement either in person, phone or by the mode of an E-mail. More information can be obtained  from their website also covering all the aspects of the services it offers.

Address: 69 Pagoda St, Singapore 059228
Phone: +65 6225 4461


If it is a dance party, mega scale carnivals, special events or a conference, V-Concepts has the solution for all. They can take over from you everything from the scratch either event site planning, lights, sound and invitations. This is because they have highly skilled and well trained professionals with exceptional inventory and deep analysis of the client’s needs and requirement that turns the event to be the best one for everyone.

They even have the affiliations with the venues such as Sentosa, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari providing the client with an edge over others. Catering, photography and other venue related issues are also their job responsibilities. They have a vast experience in organizing family days, mega scale carnivals and gala dinners for its clients such as ACCA family day, Aviva family day are some of its organized events to cite a few.

You can visit their website where you can watch different videos of their events, making your choice. Request for a free quote online along with visiting them at their office at Admiralty Street for detailed visit. They are being placed at the frontier and inquiries can be made via E-mail, by phone or in person.Website can be visited to have a look at some of the snapshots of the events covered by them.

Address: 8B, Admiralty Street, #07-21, Singapore 757440
Phone: +65 6556 0888

Events Architects

This company is one of the popular event management and consultancy firm in Singapore offers a wholesome service, whether it is creative or design, entertainment area, venue management or the other technical parts of the event. Unilever Four Acres Ceremony, Harley Davidson Inauguration ceremony and Capri by Fraser grand opening are some  of the events they have covered in the past.

Address: Ubi Avenue 3, Singapore 408866
Phone: +65 6438 5534

These are some of the best event management companies in Singapore you can look forward to manage corporate events. If you want to recommend a service or share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

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