Changi International Airport Singapore

Changi International Airport Singapore


It’s a common tale. You find yourself in Changi International Airport Singapore with a 15-hour layover between your 8-hour flight from Munich and the 9-hour one to Sydney. You’re tired of fake airport air, you smell like the plane cabin and your stomach is upset from bad food.

Whether you’re just stopping through Singapore on a long layover or are visiting the Garden City on holidays,  does not want for ptravelling through Changi International Airport Singapore makes flying in and out of Singapore a pleasure. With three massive terminals that service more than 4,000 flights a week, Changi International Airport Singaporeassenger services. In fact, it is really more like a miniature city than just an airport.

Shopping and Eating

You definitely won’t go hungry in Changi International Airport Singapore, as it is home to dozens of dining options. From internationally starred restaurants to good ole fast food, Changi Airport has just about anything you could want. There is a great selection of bars and cocktail lounges, some even boasting live music and shows! And the shopping is superb. Scores of duty free stores line the airport’s terminals, giving you access to more than just the regular perfumes and alcohols. Changi’s shopping concourses have everything from designer label stores like Gucci, to electronics shops, bookstores and pharmacies. In fact, Changi is really more like a mall than an airport!


Whether you just got off a long flight or are about to board one, every airline passenger needs a little relaxation. Changi International Airport Singapore is one of the few in the world that give passengers a literal breath of fresh air. Follow the Nature Trail from the Butterfly Garden in Terminal 3, to the Bamboo and Cactus Gardens in Terminal 1, and the Sunflower Garden in Terminal 2. Flowers, ponds, fish and wildlife all abound inside Changi Airport.

Fancy a swim? How about a massage or a nice Jacuzzi soak to wash your travels away? Take a dip in the Balinese-theme swimming pool in Terminal 1, or grab a refreshing shower or relaxing massage at any of the lounges located in each of the terminals.

Layover Tour of Singapore

Those long layovers are really the worst for any traveller. No one wants to be stuck inside an airport for hours on end! If your layover offers enough time, opt to take one of the short sightseeing tours through Singapore. Once you sign up, your immigration and transport hassles fly away as you’re taken directly on your tour to and from the airport!

Ground Transport’s a Breeze

Whether you like the convenience of public transport or prefer to ride in a stylish limousine, Changi International Airport Singapore has every option. The MRT light rail runs directly to the airport, with Changi International Airport MRT Station located directly linked to Terminals 2 & 3 via escalators. The train will take you to the city center for less then $5. Watch out for train timings as it is not a 24 hours service. You will not be able to catch a train after midnight.

Public buses also run at all hours to the city center for minimal cost. Otherwise, pick up a fancy rental car or hire a stretch limo to carry you around Singapore!

Singapore’s Changi Airport is one of the busiest in the world and it shows. With so many wonderful facilities, great restaurants, shopping and the outdoors all right in the airport, you really won’t mind air travel to Singapore!