A quck look at Chinese Restaurant’s in Singapore

Chinese cuisine can be mind-boggling yet astonishing—each meal is ascertained by the traditions of the place where it originated. There’s Beijing cuisine, Guangzhou cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Taiwanese cuisine. In Singapore, however, such differentiation is a reason for a great Chinese feast. Diners in Singapore are predominantly Chinese and would know top-quality cuisine. Hence, restaurants serving Chinese dishes are extra-careful with their fare and ensures that every meal, every serving will be a delight. Here are some of the best known and most favoured Chinese restaurants in the country:

Jiang Nan Chun Restaurant

Master Chefs at the sprawling kitchen of Jiang Nan Chun restaurant in posh Four Seasons Hotel make sure each dish that goes out of their territory will be a meal to remember. From the garnishings, to the spices to the icing on the cake, the chefs adhere to their basic tenet of quality Cantonese cuisine. Its braised abalone with kailam is one of the most ordered dishes, together with shark’s fin with crabmeat and double boiled soups.

All dim sum are cooked in the traditional Cantonese way, with less oil and more on meat and toppings. Different Dim sum dishes and amazing creamy soups are a big favorite. All these dishes are served with hot Chinese tea on beautiful Ming ceramics, a fare that aptly mixes with the restaurant’s décor of traditional Chinese aristocratic setting. Jiang Nan Chun truly lives up to its name, literally, as it is read in English as “South of the Yang ZI River during springtime,” a name that suggests opulence and elegance.

Located at 190 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore.

Hua Ting Restaurant

If you’re on the look for a great Chinese food, something that you want to savor and relish with each bite, then Hua Ting Restaurant may be the best place to satisfy you. Winning several merits, including the best Asian Ethnic restaurant at the World Gourmet Summit, Hua Ting offers extraordinary preparations that depart from your usual Chinese dishes. Their abalone dish tickles the palate and makes you savor each spoonful. The roast goose is also unique; a dish that has not been served in other Chinese restaurants in a way that it is prepared like they do in China.

The simple dish of sautéed scallops simmered in young coconut and red and green bell pepper is impeccably tasty, with the coconut’s sweet juice mixing perfectly with the pepper’s spice. The best assets of Hua Ting are its great Chefs, led by the master Chef Chan Kwok who won the Asian Ethnic chef award in 2005. Hua Ting’s prices are surprisingly reasonable, much less that what you would expect to pay for a world-class restaurant that has reaped merits and awards.

Located at 442 Orchard Road, Singapore.

Shang Palace Restaurant

Everywhere you go around the world, Shangri-La Hotel’s in-house restaurant, the Shang Palace, has lived up to its internationally-renowned reputation as a topnotch Chinese restaurant. The Shang Palace boasts of the best Cantonese and Sichuan dishes in Singapore and it is where high-end diners with picky tongues satiate themselves to the brim.

The restaurant’s elegance borders to royalty and reminds one of the stunning Emperor’s palaces. The ambiance gives appropriate honor to the food served in this beautiful place. Shang Palace’s specialty is a dish called “monk jumps over the wall” with secret spices and ingredients that only the restaurant’s master chefs can make. If you’re planning to have this dish as your main course for dinner, better order it right after rising from your bed in the morning, because that’s how sophisticated this dish is. Interested yet? Try their chicken fried to perfection with almost and oranges, unique and delicious. Shang Palace also serves a variety of Dim Sum dishes and a good selection of set menus.

A wide choice of tempting desserts and a good array of fine wines are also available. Truly, Shang Palace promises a great dining experience that will make you feel like a Chinese royalty.

Located at 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore

The Grand Shanghai Restaurant

Specializing in Shanghainese Cuisine, the Grand Shanghai Restaurant is at par with the best Chinese restaurants in the world, mainly owing to its provincial-style menu with a twist of post-modern. Grand Shanghai has an upscale setting, with elegant interiors. Its character is classic Shanghainese, with dark wood floors and walls, ceiling fans, and dim lights.

The archaic ambiance easily makes up with the original-tasting food. Grand Shanghai’s main course is a combination of seafood’s and chicken. It’s most popular dish is drunken chicken served with pickled jellyfish with strips of cucumber tossed in sesame oil. They also serve river shrimps stir-fried just enough to let the flavor out. For soup, there’s the Braised Shark’s Fin that perfectly combines with deep-fried spare ribs. But before tasting these, feast you tongue first in Crispy Eel with sweet and sour sauce as an appetizer which Shang Palace proudly shows off as an aphrodisiac.

There are a variety of wines available, everything imported from Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy and the United States. Visit the Grand Shanghai Palace and discover the best-tasting Chinese food ever to hit Singapore.

Located at 390 Havelock Road, King’s Center Level 1, Grand Copthorne Hotel, Singapore.

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