Best 5 Pizza Delivery Providers in Singapore

Best Pizza Delivery Singapore

Whenever someone talks about Pizza, it is always a mouth watering experience. Initially, invented in Naples, Italy the dish is now very much popular all over the world along with its various versions. Therefore, Pizza is also one of the options for the people of Singapore whether it is eaten in or home delivery.

Due to the factor, that time is money and the money is time, the majority of the Singaporeans prefer to order the pizza online, which is delivered at their doorstep, along with the fact that the pizza chains offer a very reliable service of delivering fast and oven hot pizzas.

Best Pizza Delivery in Singapore

Thus, we have listed the best 5 highly recommended pizza delivery in Singapore for the readers and pizza lovers, with all the relevant information to make the choice.

1. Order Wood Oven Pizza from “Spizza Pizza”

Spizza Pizza Delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Spizza Pizza Facebook Page

Telephone: +65 63777773


Delivery Hours: 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm, 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm (Mon-Fri); 12:30 pm – 10:30 pm (Sat-Sun)

Spizza is one of the famous Pizza restaurants in Singapore, that is still using the traditional methods for pizza baking that is specially sourced wood ovens. They have even named the pizza range after females such as Donna, Claudia and Barbara which are all the Italian female names and sounds really exciting. They have a huge range of thin-crust pizzas along with high quality of freshest sourced ingredients from Italy.

Apart from their normal range of pizzas, they also serve salads, Antipasti and oven-baked dishes for their pizza loving Singaporeans. Just for the home delivery, there is a special delivery combos with best prices for those, who are unable to decide what to order. Also, the delivery option is now available island-wide therefore it takes about an hour for the pizzas to be delivered.

2. Get the fastest Pizza Delivery by “Dominos Pizza”

Dominos Pizza Delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Dominos Pizza Facebook Page

Delivery Hotline: +65 62226333


Delivery Hours: 10:30 am – 11:00 pm

Dominos Pizza is by far preferred by most Singaporeans due to the fact that they offer loads of promotions and discounts for the delivery. They have 5 different crusts topped with their own unique pizza sauces. The good news for most of the people in Singapore is that they are quite famous for getting your pizza delivered in about 30 minutes with zero delivery charges. Unable to do will result in a free pizza voucher for future use upon next purchase.

They have a GPS Tracker (Great Pizza Service Tracker) meant for tracking the order from the time it has been placed. The main thing that makes them different from others is their generous toppings and sauces which people would love to have in abundance.

3. Order a Hot Pizza from “Pizza Hut”

Pizza Hut Delivery in Singapore
Image Credit: Pizza Hut

Delivery Hotline: +65 62353535


Delivery Hours: 10:30 am – 11:00 pm

Pizza Hut is one of those pizza restaurants, that needs no introduction. They have been in the town for more than twenty years and have been providing one of the best pizza delivery for the customers of Singapore. They have economical prices, mouth-watering pizzas along with some exciting promos brought by the management time by time.

Pizzas are received oven-hot as they have very effective hot pouches in order to keep the pizza fresh and original. Singaporeans prefer pizza hut because of their fast and island wide pizza delivery.

4. Get a 10% discount by ordering “Peperoni Pizza” online

Peperoni Pizza Delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Peperoni Pizza

Delivery Hotline: +65 68996899


Delivery Hours: 1pm – 9:30pm

The Peperoni Pizza is another good place for pizza lovers in Singapore to enjoy wood fired pizzas and overwhelming delicious pastas. Although, the delivery is confined to its three restaurants located close to each other, but they offer 10% discount for ordering the pizza online from their website.

The main appeal to the people is its thin crust and again rich toppings to satisfy the Singaporean munchers. Plus, there is a $10 off coupon for any orders above $60 which can be used by the people to save some money.

5. Order one of Sarpinos’s Signature Pizza

Sarpinos's Pizza Delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Sarpinos Pizza

Delivery Hotline: +65 66363636


Sarpino’s is now one of the largest pizza serving chain to the people of Singapore since it was opened in 2001. It is famous for offering classical range such as pepperoni to Teriyaki chicken and gourmet pizzas in which Boston and Classico are some of the favorites of the Singaporeans. It promises to meet customer’s need for fresh and quality ingredients by sourcing the highest quality and using the hand made dough every day.

These are some of the known and best pizza deliveries in Singapore. If you want to recommend a service or share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

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