Best 5 Ice Cream Cakes in Singapore for every Occasion

ice cream cakes in Singapore

Ice cream cake… umm. Now days, throughout the world, people enjoy their favorite flavors of ice cream or ice cream cakes; either it is summer or winters to quench their sweet tooth. It  has been reported that the ice cream cakes are being sold like hot cake in Singapore and other parts of the world, meanwhile they are replacing the traditional breakfast norm. However, the likeness is not evenly distributed everywhere.

For those who are liking the taste and wants to enjoy cold ice-cream with a variety of flavors, we have reviewed shops for the best ice cream cakes in Singapore below.

Ice Cream Cakes in Singapore

For the ice cream cake lovers, we have outlined some of the best shops selling yummy ice cream cakes in Singapore.

1. Ben & Jerry’s Cakes

It offers the best traditional dairy ice cream cakes in Singapore. They have paired the best cake flavors to provide their customers the yummiest ice cream cake. These cakes are offered for every kind of occasion ranging from birthday cakes, to marriage or anniversary day to make it a memorable one.

Generally two flavors of ice cream are used to make this cake. The base of the cake is made by brownie layer. Afterwards, it is layered with an ice cream layer, followed by cookie chocolate crumbs and finally topped with another layer of ice cream. Besides this, there are numerous sizes available to cater the need of a few individual as well as for a  large group of people (2-40 individuals).

Their most popular and demanded ice cream cake flavors are Vanilla, Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch, Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Running out of time and you have to buy a customized cake, do try visiting their outlet and getting your thing done in no time. The best thing is they also offer cakes that are dairy free, nut free, and gluten free catering specific customer needs. The lead time for a customised cake order is almost 24 hours, however some ready made cakes are already available at their outlets to cater random occasion.

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Address: 8 Dempsey Rd #01-14, Singapore 247696
Phone:+65 6473 3231
They have a cool Facebook Page

2. Maggiemoos

This award winning dairy ice cream store in Singapore provides a variety of traditional dairy items with lots of flavors  ranging from ice creams to milkshakes and smoothies to cakes. Therefore, it is a good option for those who are looking to stop and shop. They have a seating arrangement too inside their outlets where you can enjoy the desserts.

The exciting thing for those looking for ice cream flavors is the mix-ins so you can experiment and tries a lot of flavors in just a cake. However the ice cream list varies from normal dairy flavor of ice cream to low fat yogurt till sugar free and sorbets flavors. Like other chains, they are offering their cakes to order online and provides cake delivery in Singapore as well. The best thing is the serving size that ranges from small serving as in cupcakes to cakes of different sizes and weight.

Some of their best flavors are cookie jar chaos, peanut butter chocolate brownie overload, Savannah banana fudge, mint chocolate meltdown, strawberry shortcake and visit to the candy shop. The best thing is that their cakes are always very attractive, eye catching and artistically decorated cakes which drools the consumer to always grab one for their occasion. Besides, they always welcome customers that are new and willing to try new flavors.

In this same range, they have offered their tempting Ice cream pizza, which is inspired by the Italian cuisine and represents the delicious dessert. However, its always the flavors and the add ins to which consumers are inclined.

Address:1 Maritime Square, Harbourfront Centre #10-27 Singapore 099253
Phone: +65 3157 3398
Visit their Facebook Page

3. Haagen-Dazs

Haagen-Dazs always aims to provide you the sweetest treat for your celebrations for any occasion. The theme of their ice cream cake in Singapore has been yet traditional, but both simple and complex, and they are always packed with unexpected surprises of flavors. Its offered flavors are always indulgent. Each cake is designed with their specific and most demanded flavors or you can create it as per choice.

Some of the best ice cream cake flavors in Singapore are caramel drizzle, chocolate drizzle, all occasions, birthday, chocolate heart, chocolate cookie crunch, confetti, chocolate mocha & others. Besides Rose Whisper, Soleil, Chocolate Curl, Paris Night and Buche Alfonsoa are the new cake entry to the existing list.

Address: Junction 8, Singapore 579837
Phone:+65 6255 4839
Find their Facebook Page here

4. Island Creamery

This premium handmade ice-cream originated in Singapore in 2003, is full of local flavors, and is identified as the best ice cream outlet of US now. The best thing about their ice cream in Singapore is that the flavors do not get lost in the strong dairy flavor and so is the case of the ice cream cakes. They have a seating arrangement  in  their outlet also so that people can enjoy the ice cream on the spot. Similar to the other chains of ice creams they offer customized cakes for various occasions specially catering the children’s cakes like cartoon characters or to wish the elderly people. The details are provided on the website too to cater the specific needs of clients.

The best thing about ice cream cakes in Singapore is that they are handmade.  It is also claimed that their ice cream is free from any artificial colors, preservatives, or flavorings. The competitive advantage to Island Creamery is that they know the local native taste of Singaporeans which they have inculcated in their cakes like pulut hitam and pineapple tart. Besides, they also offer a wide range of American-style cakes. Also, they have priced their cakes average and less than the multinational chains to penetrate the local market.

Address: 10 Jalan Serene, Singapore 258748
Phone:+65 6468 8859
Find them on Facebook

5. Andersens

It is a Danish chain offering ice cream spot for cold desert lovers in Singapore. They also have a variety of ice cream cakes different in price and weight, and for different occasion like wedding, valentine day, birthdays, friends get together. Their ice cream cake range differs from traditional ice cream cakes (chocolate and vanillas) to punch of fruity cakes like banana punch, strawberry delight, sunshine mango  and mint cake (refresh me) which are actually their signature cakes.

Address: 109 North Bridge Road, Funan, Singapore 179097
Phone:+65 6339 2757
Visit their Facebook Page here

These are some of recommended names for ice cream cakes in Singapore. If you want to recommend an outlet providing ice cream cake, please add comments below. For deals & coupons, you can checkout Streetdeal Singapore.

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