A quick look at American Restaurant’s in Singapore

Singapore boasts of one of the best Western cuisines in Asia. As one of the highly-developed countries in the region, Singapore is naturally a premier destination of investors and businessmen, even expatriates, coming from the West—people who also get hungry and crave for their hometown dishes. And what a place Singapore is for a hungry Westerner!

There are a variety of establishments in the country’s main district that serve great all-American food. The Orchard road, for example, leads you to trail of American restaurants that serve those traditional hamburgers and potato salad. Who could miss the Hard Rock café with its ubiquitous Cadillac or Lawry’s with its tasty Prime Ribs cooked to perfection? But if you want to take your olfactory senses to some adventure in American food and dining, then here are some restaurants you can try:

The Country Spoon

This restaurant has been languishing in the outskirts of the Great World City for more than a decade now yet it has remained to be the only choice of its loyal patrons, mostly expatriates and working executives who usually tag along their family. Known for its freshly baked meals, Country Spoon’s menu is all-together American, albeit not deliberate. Its Smoked Style Ribs is the usual favourite but it also puts some creativity in traditional American dishes like baked fish and the Half Spring Chicken. It also serves piping hot baked potato coupled with slices of peaches.

For dessert, its most popular is a tasty brownie baked just like the way mama used to. And it’s not only the food that will remind you of your old American hometown. Country Spoon’s countryside setting will fill your lungs with fresh, crisp air. The warmth and friendliness of the restaurant staff also adds up nicely to the homey, gracious ambience of the place. Indeed, Country Spoon is worth that short trip from the ever-busy Singapore main district.

Located at Great World City, Singapore.

Bernie’s Restaurant

Charbroiled beef patty spread with mustard and mayonnaise, fresh green tomatoes, crunchy lettuce and small pieces of pickles. Yummy! At Bernie’s, every hamburger is a product of love, each carefully prepared and garnished. How much American can a restaurant get? Well, the food makes up for the American tongue, but the place itself, the interiors as well as the ambience, are typically Western. Every day at Bernie’s seems like football day, and lounging in this place easily makes you feel like you’re in one of those middle-class restaurants along Manhattan avenue. But unlike those restaurants, Bernie’s unusually makes their American fare more delightful and scrumptious.

Located at 961A Upper Changi Road North, Changi Garden

Corduroy and Finch

The name does ring a bell, doesn’t it? It’s because this upscale gourmet restaurant and café already has a number of branches in the United States and other countries. Corduroy and Finch opened its first outlet in Singapore ten years ago and has since drawn crowds, from expatriates to plain food explorers. This place if popular for its brunches (breakfast and lunch) on Sundays, and its hefty dinners on weekdays. The usual crowd-drawers are its prime rib served with delicious Yorkshire pudding and Idaho mashed potatoes. Try also their lobster tails or pan seared salmon which are surprisingly affordable compared to other restaurants.

For Sunday breakfast and lunch, Corduroy and Finch offers freshly baked croissant that perfectly combines with prime beef hash and Benedict eggs. And after a hearty meal, enjoy their freshly brewed coffee while mulling over when you will revisit this gastronomic delight. Prices may be a little higher than those ordinary prime beef restaurants down the roads of the central district, but here in Corduroy and Finch, you’re every dollar is equaled with joy to your taste buds and pleasure to your dining affair.

Located at 779 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore


This place is an all-day, all-inclusive restaurant that makes serious American cuisine served the way an American would want it – casual and speedy. Brewerkz makes juicy hamburgers that will make you mouth water simply by its delicious aroma. The fact that it is homemade and cooked the traditional way only makes these hamburgers more tempting. Brewerkz also makes the famous fried calamari and buffalo wings, all crunchy and lip-smacking good.

The pizza and beer-battered fish-and-chips are also great with, what else, beer, which Brewerkz has lots. This is because it is the only microbrewery in town, more like a small beer plant that makes the best meals and dishes to go with the beer. On Fridays and Saturday nights, this place is open until way past midnight and you can enjoy their wide selection of dishes and finger foods while sharing updates with your friends and colleagues….truly the best hang-out in this side of Singapore!

Located at #01-05/06 Riverside Point, 30 Merchant Road, Clarke Quay, Singapore

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